other countries, Other customs: This is especially true for a business dinner abroad. The rules can vary from country to country. Who does not have to worry about culture or traditions, can step my foot in the business food quickly into fat and a negative impression on the potential business partner. Who begins such as eating a meal in Japan without being asked first, it is later difficult to conclude a Deal. Finally, this fatal gesture of respect. Only the guest of honor or the oldest Person at the table allowed to begin the meal. If you are lucky, on one of the two options is true maybe even. Then you can dismiss this as a gap in education. Or one is occupied, prior to the departure abroad with the customs of the respective country.

Germany=punctuality=France delays

How different the ideas are, what belongs to the good tone at a business dinner, alone, in our neighbouring country, France. For the Germans it would be an absurdity, if a business partner would only be five minutes late. In France, they would react with astonishment, would be the start of a Business Lunch on time. Who is Dating French, it will have to wait, in most cases, something. Take offense, not to you.

Also in Japan and China could be the Etiquette at a business dinner different: Who is going to clean up in China, his plate is completely empty, as a bully. Unlike in Japan, who is also only a bite left over, is labelled as a spendthrift. Other countries, other customs. As well, when a Chinese meets a Japanese to eat?

What rules in Canada, India, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, learn the route in the pictures of the photo.



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