In the case of Smartphones, the Display may grow-diagonal, Tablets still have their place under the Christmas tree. Finally, Games on the Couch or TV shows in bed on the larger Display a lot more fun. But which model should it be? Stiftung Warentest helps in the purchasing decision.

The current Tablet Test is divided in two very different fields. For one, compared test were the two current Top Tablets, the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, to the other eight cheaper models between 150 and 300 euros were tested.

test report-test checks the Bluetooth headset and the price-performance-winner Apple By Malte Mansholt more Expensive better

The Premium devices in the assessment of clear of the cheaper models, with prices starting from 610 Euro (table S4) or 640 Euro (iPad Pro) but also a good Double. Samsung in the late summer of published Tab S4 pushes with a strong battery performance and a high level of versatility, just in front of the already since the spring of 2017, available iPad. With an overall grade of “good” (1.8), it is the best Tablet according to the current assessment scheme. The iPad is the Display and functions on the front, achieved a rating of “good” (1,9).

For the high price so you get the appropriate performance. Samsung victory is not expected to last long: Already next week, a new, completely redesigned iPad Pro is expected.

Test 9.7-inch model and New iPad to the Test: Worth Apple’s 300-Euro-Tablet? By Christoph Fröhlich Weak beginners

In the case of the cheaper Tablets do not the picture is quite so rosy. Although the 285 euros cheap Galaxy Tab 10 pushes with an overall grade of “good” (2.1), with damn close to the Premium devices, otherwise only a single Tablet, but a good rating – all the others are a maximum of “satisfactory”.

. the Galaxy A 10 Tab, especially when it comes to battery: 15 hours, were able to play the Tester Videos, and this is the best value in the Test Also, when you Display that comes with a 285 Euro, cheaper Tablet almost to the expensive models. Weaknesses there are to edit Videos, and Play: Here are all the cheap models have to fit. to get

price-to-performance-tip barely

The buying tip of the Stiftung Warentest is to get on the net unfortunately. The “good” (2,4) rated Lenovo Tab 4 10 is listed in the tested configuration, only in the case of individual traders, the price of 169 euros for the Version with 32 GB is, unfortunately, gone up a good 30 euros upwards. All the same, For 140 euros, the model with 16 GB of memory. It is via memory card. In the Test, the device was able to score especially in the case of Display and battery life. For Surfing, E-Mail and watch a video, it is absolutely sufficient.

The full Test is available for a fee at

Stiftung Warentest: These six simple Tricks to make your Wi-Fi better Fullscreen

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placed in The correct Position on the router, and the orientation of its antenna can work wonders. You should therefore try to calm different locations. In addition, it can help the Router elevated on the wall to hang up.

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