After I had last week about the rapid decline of the former cult Lingerie label Victoria’s Secret in the focus, it seems only fair to be today, the positive pulses of the dream, a Victoria’s Secret Angel to look a little closer. On the one VS creates, it is in fact to use the Social Media channels of the Models, which are run in a few weeks in New York, the Show, perfectly as a Teaser and to advertise via the Hashtag #train likeanangel at the same time for better Fitness and their own eponymous training collection. In addition, the selection of the Models that VS is also a clear Statement for Diversity. Models from all Parts of the world will buckle, the legendary wings on the back, even if the sales of the company in the last few years (respect!) pretty springs.

Back with Behati Maries model check What to do Instagram with the decline of Victoria’s Secret

Also this year, New York expects an illustrious circle of top models. VS it was once again possible to find the perfect blend of seasoned VS icons such as Lais Ribeiro, Martha Hunt, Stella Maxwell, Cindy Bruna, Georgia Fowler, Ming Xi, Devon Windsor, or Elsa Hosk and promising New Faces. Self-Behati Prinsloo will be there again. The Namibia-born Model is now married to Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine (greetings to Nina Agdal at this point), and has with him two children. Accordingly, they had missed the last few seasons, going back but this year to the angels. And who knows, maybe it is trip or even a family, because rumor has it that Maroon 5 could be one of the show acts during the Runway presentation.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! S be kind to one another and our planet 🌍Let’…to 2017 what’s cray. Can’t wait to meet our newest addition in 2018.

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of note are this year, especially the debutantes of the “VS Class of 2018”. Some very interesting young women who can enter with your stories and your new look on the industry of the industry some good impulses. So if you want to pay attention to some of the girls especially, I have presented here are my three favorites for you, from which you will also listen to the VS-Show is still very much (and especially see).

Sofie Rovenstine: The enlightener for a healthy Model-Business

Sofie Rovenstine is a classic example of the American dream. Crowned as “Miss Tennessee”, she was rather predestined, an international completely insignificant Model-existence between the Country-Festivals, local TV stations, and shopping center deadlines for openings. Her start, however, managed an impressive quick. Although – actually more of a reboot. The first Model years were difficult for her. The pressure to always be perfect and as thin as possible. Today, you don’t know: “I was mentally healthy. In contrast to what I have suggested on Social Media the Rest of the world, I had really difficulties. Thanks to a break and a new Agency, supported me, and I came stronger out of this Situation. I know that these lies that I have about my body have defenses that are in our business are the Norm. But actually it should not be.”

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A bit more about me…. #VSFashionShow #goodtobehome @amaxarmy

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This is the way to save Sofie the other girls. Today, she is taking care of the New York Agency “Jag Models”, which is not part of the big names in the industry, but your girl intense. She says: “I want to help others, because I know that I am with my story alone. The current Standards for Models are inhumane. You have many girls in your own, natural body reject it and urge you to maintain a completely unhealthy lifestyle, in order to reach these absurd standards.”

“Sofie” is a shining example that you do not need to submit to all the pressures of the industry, as the depletion of the own body is a traditional part of life as a Model. And that you can still land on one of the most coveted catwalks in the world.

Sabah Koj: From the war on the catwalk

Sabah is just coming back from London and Paris, where she ran during the SS19 Shows for Miu Miu, Mugler, Galliano, Balmain, Rick Owens, Marni, Burberry, Alexa Chung, Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta. She was born 20 years ago, would be the fact probably no one bet. Sabah arrived in Sudan on the world, in the midst of a terrible civil war. She fled with her family to Australia, where her parents started as a simple factory worker, to be able to Sabah and her siblings in a small house and a safe life. The family never had much money, but their parents brought up their children “to be grateful for what we had”. So they gave Sabah the tools for a successful life. She speaks three languages, has always been one of the best in the school and your own pocket earned money as a waitress in a fast food restaurant.

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I would like to start of by saying Thank you GOD for making my dream come true!!! MAMA I MADE IT!!! I just got confirmed for the @Victoria’s secret FASHION SHOW!!! Thank you sooo much @John David Pfeiffer Sophia @10magazine @ed_razek @monica.mitro Words can’t even describe how HAPPY I am!!!! Thank you soo much to my beautiful mother and my lovely family @nyanyork @anglena.koj @ringonumanine @adau_themodel @_nyakeer for supporting me throughout the years!! And too my amazing agents @dymond lady @paulosantosny @Maria cognata @marniking @maxima king music @georgiabonsema @Eric gubnitsky @Derek Saathoff @v. perillo @elaynebohary @aletxurner @marilynagencyny @Marilyn Agency Paris @estmodels you guys are the bestest ❤️❤️❤️!!!! Thank you to everyone that has continued to support me I really appreciate each and every one of you!! I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY!!! #godisgood #wemadeit #Victoria’s secret #vsangel #blessed #vsfashionshow @Victoria sports

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With 16 was then concluded with hamburgers and Fries – Sabah third was in the Model contest “Miss South Sudan”. Four years and several Fashion Weeks later, in which she was, among other things, the first Model of African descent, was allowed to open a Show of Australian Fashion Week, can’t you, where you did it. Would you still speak of a dream, she confesses: “You feel like a Princess. Clearly, your heels hurt like hell, but it doesn’t need to know the audience. You need to graceful and elegant on the Runway.” The Victoria’s Secret Show 2018 will be the culmination of their storied career across all borders. And also Motivation for many girls in Africa, whom you are calling with your career virtually: Anything is possible! You do not need to be in Paris or Los Angeles as the daughter of wealthy, famous parents born in order to become an internationally acclaimed Model.

Winnie Harlow: Victoria’s Secret debut instead of bullying

Vitiligo. What sounds like the title of a moderately successful Horror film, is in fact an absolute Horror Trip. Who belongs to the up to about two percent of the people in the world, this is popularly known as white spot disease known as chronic pigment disorder, it is not easy in life. In view of this, our flawless beauty conditioned world in which the unusual is quickly as abnormal, miss-interpreted, it is children with arbitrarily on the body occurring white Spots is not that easy. Also, Winnie Harlow was teased a lot. So wonderful that she is regarded today as one of the best Models in the industry.

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🦁 the real difference isn ‘t my skin. It’s the fact that I don’t find my beauty in the opinions of others. I’m beautiful because I know it. Celebrate Your unique beauty today (& everyday)!

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“As a child I was called names because of my patch as a cow or a Zebra,” she recalls. As Chantelle-born canadian who saved himself from this bullying hell. It invented a completely new, called Winnie Harlow and launched on Instagram in order to present to the world images of itself. With all the stains, they said. A quasi-brave, how wise decision. Tyra Banks discovered them, and brought them to “America’s Next top model”. The starting shot for an unprecedented modeling career, which is not preserved, however, in front of it, collect in a new world of strange experiences. Winnie remembers the Fashion Week in London a few years ago: “I have been to a Show backstage and there was this photographer came up and said: ‘Oh, my God, I have the perfect picture idea!’ So he brought me to the Ironing Board, on which a cow was shown. A Cowhide! I looked at him only to be pitied, turned around and walked away, without giving him an answer.”

Marie from the Benken Andreas Puhl

As she was discovered with 14 years on the spitalerstrasse in Hamburg by the great German model Agency “Place”, prophesied to her that she would land on all the covers of the world. For many years, you watched the Fashion circus from different perspectives and behind the camera and works as a Model, designer and author. In 2011, she began to share her life semi-autobiographical on Twitter. Their rapidly growing range brought her numerous requests from magazines, TV channels and publishers.

As she went a few weeks ago to the Victoria’s Secret Casting, she was so excited that she can “only twice around the Block to have, before I could get out”. But you got out, and it paid off. 2018 the VS Runway will be a fascinating newcomer to the rich.

What is the Tilda makes the Models?

These three examples show, what unusual stories can offer the modeling world, all of which will be coming on the Victoria’s Secret Show together. But of course, there are also against the wind. Robyn Lawley, the first Plus-Size Model who has made it onto the Cover of the in the United States to the cult collected “Sports Illustrated”, criticized the obsession with beauty that sees through Victoria’s Secret fired. Your call to “We Are All Angels” is a reminder that you don’t need to be thin to be an angel. Certainly a point of view, it is to be respected, even if the body dhe Victoria’s Secret girls to belong to in comparison to those on the Paris Fashion Week rather the more normal in the industry. May Lawleys advance is only a clever choreographed PR gambit to try to on the current Trend of Body Shaming-Verteufelns jump, as it is a desperate network of feminists since a year and a day in time to each new season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” try.

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I have started on online petition -link in bio 👆 JOIN ME and lets help change the minds of Victoria’s Secret to be more diverse and inclusive of body shapes and sizes on their runways! Victoria’s Secret have dominated the space for almost 30 years by telling women there is only one kind of body is beautiful. you can read more in the link of my bio why it’s so important to encourage diversity for our future daughters sake. Until Victoria’s Secret commits to representing ALL women on stage, I am calling for a complete boycott of this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s time Victoria’s Secret recognized the buying power and influence of women of ALL ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. The female gaze is powerful, and together, we can celebrate the beauty of our diversity. It’s about time Victoria’s Secret celebrated the customers that fuel its bottom line. You join me, Will? 1 Sign the petition! 2 Encourage your friends not to tune in or attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show share a photo of yourself on Instagram, as you are (not airbrushed and beautiful), use the hashtag #weareallangels to share what makes you uniquely beautiful, please tag me so I can see (@robynlawley) and @third love For every person who shares a post with #weareallangels hashtag Third, love wants to donate one bra to @isupport thegirls (a national non-profit that collects and distributes bras to homeless women and girls around the country !!!)

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the Victoria’s Secret Show 2018 will not prevent this Petition. Nevertheless, the future of the Show is uncertain. The once-world-record-ratings caring Christmas-an Event is suffering from sharply falling audience interest and, in parallel, sales at Victoria’s Secret dramatically. Honestly, I hope that the company recovers. I have a secret tip for the next German candidate, it could create in the coming years on the VS runway: Tilda March, my favorite New Face on the Fashion sky from Berlin. It would be a shame if VS goes out in the near future, the air, before my prophecy arrives and I’m allowed to cheer for Tilda with her VS wings. So, press Tilda, VS and one for me.

Until then: lots of love, your Marie

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Excerpt of my daily diary: Well, this is one of the quick new digitals we took on Monday in my agency, and unfortunately it was raining (and I never bring an umbrella with me), so my straightened hair started curling and I was a bit (just a bit) upset with the weather and my hair and the time I waisted with straightening it and with whoever is responsible for the weather (because it was by no means my own fault, I mean is there any normal person that carries on an umbrella when it’s raining?!;)) ☔ In a while|| So much love to the best agency I could dream about for taking care of me in this crazy world @iconic_mgmt, especially to @ska_fray for handling my endless questions with such endurance and dealing with my weird person, the way the do! Thanks to all of you❤ love it. @Ingo Nolden @elisabeth_aare @canmonarc @greta.rek @Luca Maximilian

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