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In Pakistan, free-spoken Christian woman from prison (21.01 PM)Trump dismisses justice Minister Jeff Sessions (20.48 PM)shipment of poison frogs to Germany intercepted (16.56 PM)report: Horst Seehofer wants to CSU presidency to give up to stay – but the Minister of the interior (14.12)Maaßen CDU-member (12.57 p.m.), flight of the passengers to mutiny against evil-smelling cargo (12.35 PM), Kramp-Karrenbauer: don’t campaign against other (11.24 PM)

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+++ 21.05 PM: the Bus came to a collision in Zimbabwe – 47 Dead +++

The collision of two buses of at least 47 people in Zimbabwe lost their lives. According to police, the two buses collided on the road from Harare to Rusape, in the East of the country. Among the Victims were two children, the state newspaper, “The Herald reported”.

+++ 21.01 watch: Christian woman in Pakistan, after the abolition of the death penalty, released from prison +++

A week after the lifting of the death sentence of the Christian woman Asia Bibi in Pakistan prison came free. His client was “in an airplane, but no one knows where they will land,” said her lawyer, Saif ul-Malook, the AFP news Agency. Bibi sat on the grounds of alleged blasphemy nine years in prison.

+++ 20.48 PM: US President Donald Trump dismisses justice Minister Jeff Sessions +++

the U.S. Department of justice, Minister Jeff Sessions will be replaced. US President, Donald Trump announced that the office would initially be taken up by Sessions’s chief of staff Matthew G. Whitaker. A successor as Minister of justice, will be nominated at a later date. He thanks Sessions for his services and wishes wrote him all the best, Trump on Twitter. In a letter to Sessions said, he is rich in his resignation at the request of the President.

Sessions is already fallen a long time ago, when Trump in disgrace. Trump had criticized him in the past few months. The background is that this was held due to bias on the part of the Russian investigation out. As the chief Prosecutor of the Sessions had the oversight of the FBI and would have been actually for the investigation of special investigator Robert Mueller in charge of the checks, whether it is in the case of the alleged Russian Influence on the election in 2016, the collusion between Moscow and Trumps choice of fight camp. What is the impact of the dismissal Sessions’ will have on the investigation is unclear. During his press conference on the Midterms, shortly before Sessions’ dismissal, Trump had said, he just let it run, although he “would have long ago can all be dismissed.” There, he did not want to comment on a specific personnel issues.

+++ 17.20: Namibia: About 500 buffaloes perish in the escape from lion +++

On the run from an attacking pride of lions have died in the North-East of Namibia up to 500 Buffalo Crossing a border river. The herd want to bring, apparently, with a Crossing of the Chobe river from Botswana to Namibia, on Wednesday, a spokesman for the environment Ministry said in Windhoek. The River, however, have been relatively tight, which is why the Buffalo had trampled in the panic part of each other to death. Many animals were drowned. The exact number of dead buffaloes could be determined. Buffalo tend to live in large herds with hundreds of animals.

+++ 16.56 watch: Colombia: shipment with poisonous frogs to Germany and intercepted +++

The Colombian police intercepted a shipment of poisonous frogs before delivery to Germany. A total of 216 frogs had been discovered in Film canisters in a bag at the airport of the capital city of Bogotá, informed the local Ministry of the environment. The value of the animals on the black market should be more than $ 400 000 (348 000 Euro).

In the case of the seized animals it was harlequin-tree-climber, Lehmann-poison frogs and Kiki-frogs. They only live on the Colombian Pacific coast and are threatened with extinction, or at least in your inventory at risk.

+++ 16: 46: drivers familiar with Navi and falls almost in the deep +++

Too much trust in the GPS can be hazardous: A truck driver has driven in a national Park in Austria with a tractor-trailer on a narrow forest path a fixed and almost plunged 30 meters in depth. The police announced that grazed the 38-tonne vehicle at the back to put a rock wall, and was pushed with the rear-wheel over the cliff. The 52-year-old driver then spent the entire night in the forest, because he had his mobile phone has no reception.

“The man has procedure completely. In this way, only the Forester is otherwise on the go,” said a police spokeswoman. The man was driving with the 38-ton truck deep in the woods, the nearest houses would have been removed for a walk too far. The driver, according to police a three-minute ban on billboards disregarded, had explained to the police that he was consistently followed by the details of his GPS. Where, exactly, he really wanted to, couldn’t tell the police.

on Tuesday morning, he was found by a national Park Ranger, who informed the task forces. During the hours-long rescue by the fire brigade, the forest path had to be widened with the help of an excavator. In the case of the salvage of a 50-ton crane on the narrow forest road, then came to be used.

+++ 16.15: Bayern must has 40,000 euros to the wife of player numbers +++

A craftsman lost over the years, huge sums in state-owned Bavarian game banks – now the free state is to pay 40.670 euros plus interest to the wife. The Munich regional court decided. The game-addicted husband had after he had lost huge amounts in 1996 in the Spielbank Garmisch-Partenkirchen requested a permanent self-lock, which was faxed from there to all the other Bavarian game banks. Nevertheless, the casinos a let him again.

Between 2012 and 2015, he squandered Partenkirchen – part of a joint Visit with his wife – well-67,000 euros in Bad Wiessee, and 3000 Euro in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. His wife demanded so, a total of 71.000 euros in damages from the state of Bavaria. They had made in the suit the right of her husband, claimed that this had assigned to you.

+++ 15: 53: Seehofer holds to the schedule to clarify his own future +++

CSU-Chef Horst Seehofer wants to Bavarian after the swearing-in of the The country’s Cabinet to comment on the coming Monday to his political future. “It remains in the from Horst Seehofer, the self-announced schedule,” said party spokesman in Munich, the German press Agency. He was responding to a report of the weekly newspaper “time”, according to Seehofer wool already declare on Sunday that he puts his office as party Chairman. “There are no stipulations,” said the spokesman. To the world, denied also Seehofer self-report. “The fat duck”, said Seehofer of the newspaper.

last Sunday, Seehofer declared that he wanted to wait for the formation of the new Bavarian state government, before he would comment on his own plans for the future. In the CSU, Seehofer is at the latest since the collapse of the party in the state election in Bavaria in mid-October under pressure.

+++ 15.50: man leads police to body in the woods +++

A 45-Year-old from Hesse buried according to his own confession of a dead man in the forest – it’s the new husband of his Ex should have been-a woman. On Wednesday it was not clear yet, whether it is a crime, reported to the police. The man was discovered on Tuesday in the case of the investigators: He was buried in August of this year in the vicinity of Offenbach, a corpse in the forest. The 45-Year-old brought to the criminal investigation Department and public Prosecutor’s office on Tuesday in person. The man is in police custody.

+++ 15.18 PM: British authorities discover 21 migrants in refrigerated truck +++

The British authorities in a refrigerated lorry in from the North-West of France-Dieppe, 21 migrants discovered. As the interior Ministry announced in London that they found in the truck upon his arrival last week in the port of Newhaven, a total of eleven children and ten adults. This is stated to be Vietnamese.

the Minors took care of the British social services, with the location of the adults, the Ministry of the interior is concerned. The 29-year-old driver of the refrigerated truck was arrested. He is accused of the migrants in the United Kingdom. 26. In September, he is scheduled to appear in the southern English town of Lewes in court.

+++ 15.05 PM: process for the murder of Kim Jong-UN’s half-brother +++

The trial against two young women because of the alleged assassination of Kim Jong-Nam, the half brother of North Korea’s delayed leader Kim Jong-Un, has been delayed again. The case against the Indonesian Siti Aisyah and the Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong in front of a court in Malaysia will not as planned this month, but on 7. January continued, said a lawyer Aisyahs following a hearing.

As the reason for the postponement, the lawyer called a disease of the main defender of the Indonesian. Originally, the procedure should be taken before the court in Shah Alam near the capital Kuala Lumpur earlier this month with an opinion Aisyahs.

+++ 14.54 watch: Deadly cells fire in NRW: the Commission should draw Lessons +++

After the death by fire of a wrongly Imprisoned in North Rhine-Westphalia, an expert is to be used the Commission to avoid similar tragedies. The country’s Minister of justice Peter biesenbach announced in the legal Committee of the düsseldorf state Parliament. The Commission would be staffed with well-known personalities, said the CDU politician. The SPD and the Green were invited to participate.

The 26-year-old Syrians was on 29. September – two weeks after the fire in his prison cell in Kleve, Germany – in a hospital died. He had suffered from the fire of severe burns. Due to a confusion with a name the same thief, he was imprisoned for more than two months to be wrongly in prison.

According to the report of an external expert, the man had laid the cells of fire “probably with suicidal intent,” a 60-page report from the Ministry of justice, which has been discussed in the legal Committee. The motive to stay in the dark, said Biesenbach.

+++ 14.37 PM: SPD is AfD candidate as a Bundestag Vice-President +++

reject The SPD will also reject the new candidate of the AfD for the Post of a Bundestag Vice-President. The First Parliamentary Manager of the SPD group in the Bundestag, Carsten Schneider, announced in Berlin. He called on the AfD to distance themselves clearly from right-wing forces.

The AfD’s candidate, Albrecht Glaser was at the beginning of the legislature, in three ballots. The AfD group under the Deputy Mariana Harder-Kühnel, which is, both politically and in the tone of the more moderate members of the group now takes a new start-up and nominated the day before. The other groups had failed to Glaser, the support mainly because of his Statements on Islam. Glaser had agreed to the Muslims in Germany, the basic law guaranteed right to freedom of religion, because, in his view, does Islam itself is not a freedom of religion.

+++ 14.12 PM: report: Horst Seehofer wants to CSU presidency to give up – but the Minister of the interior +++

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) wants to make a report, according to his Posts as CSU leader. The time reported “is” relying on consistent reports from several Trusted. Accordingly, the CSU leadership would come at the next weekend together to discuss the candidates for the European elections – there Seehofer is to explain, according to the weekly newspaper, that he puts his office as party Chairman. His Post as Federal Minister of the interior, he wanted to retain, however, writes the paper. In the party you can remind the model to the step of Chancellor Angela Merkel to arrange, the report says.

An official opinion on the report, there is not currently.

according to The report, Seehofer’s decision was largely influenced by the retreat of German Chancellor Angela Merkel from the CDU presidency. “Horst is easier since then, so that he is not landed on Merkel’s men to the cemetery,” he quoted the “time” a Familiar Seehofer’s. Prior to Merkel’s withdrawal announcement, however, there was a wide variety of claims on Seehofer to vacate the Post of CSU leaders. Regardless of Merkel’s decision was expected in the CSU, therefore, it is predictable that a change in the party leadership.

+++ 14.08 PM: turnout in US midterm elections significantly + +

rose puts + The turnout in the midterm elections in the United States compared with the vote four years ago. The transmitter CNN reported that 113 million people have chosen – this corresponds to a ratio of around 48 percent. In the midterm elections four years ago, only around 83 million US citizens cast their ballots, what is a Involvedclothes of almost 37 per cent. US President, Donald Trump had polarized in the election campaign, and in order to numerous opponents and supporters mobilized.

In the congressional elections, on Tuesday lost Trumps Republican majority in the house of representatives, they defended you but in the Senate. In the case of interim elections between two presidential elections, the turnout is traditionally low. In the presidential election of 2016, nearly 139 million Americans voted, representing a turnout of around 60 percent.

+++ 13.56 PM: 42 participants for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest +++

The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Israel will participate in the coming year 42 countries. Thus, there is a participant less than this year, as the European Broadcasting Union announced in Tel Aviv. Bulgaria gives up after the successful launches in recent years, from financial reasons to participate.

this year, the Bulgarian Starter Equinox, “”Bones ” landed” on the 14th, in the past year, Bulgaria took the second place in the previous year. As for the year 2013, Turkey renounces in addition to a participation in the world’s most renowned music competition.

The ESC finds in the coming year to 64. Time instead. After the victory of the Israeli entrant Netta, Tel Aviv will host. The ESC semi-finals to find on 14. and 16. May 2019 instead of the final on the 18. May.

+++ 13.08 at: pensions increase by more than 3 per cent. + + +

The statutory pension in Germany is to rise in July 2019 is expected to more than 3 percent. The Chairman of the Board of the pension Annelie colorful Bach, confirmed in Würzburg appropriate information from the beginning of the week. Accordingly, the contributions in West Germany expected to rise by 3.18 per cent. In East Germany you want to go to 3.91 percent in the height. The increase in maßgelbliche wage developments this year have not yet been determined. Therefore, Bach was colorful at the same time, a corridor, according to the posts in the West rose by 3 to 3.5 percent. In the East, they rise according to the colorful stream of 0.7 percentage points more, since, according to valid law, the Ostrenten be gradually aligned with the West pensions.

+++ 12.57 PM: Maaßen, the CDU wants to remain a member of the +++

The former President of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maassen, has speculation about a possible change to the AfD rejected. “I am for 30 years, CDU member. I’m going to stay,” said Maaßen of the weekly newspaper “die Zeit”. Because of the controversial Remarks recently in a speech, the Federal Maaßen inside Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) on Monday, after a long delay in temporary retirement.

The AfD-Chairman Jörg Meuthen had praised Maaßen and then invited him to the AfD to join. Such a change would be controversial, as there is a possible observation of the AfD by the protection of the Constitution will be considered and Maaßen is likely to have to know of the matter, considerable insider.

+++ 12.52 PM: a grenade-shaped belt buckle will set off an Alarm in the case of the Spanish railway from +++

A belt buckle in the shape of a hand grenade has greatly triggered the alarm and Delays at the Spanish track. At the station of Barcelona, two high-speed trains could be evacuated after security personnel had discovered during the screening of Luggage, according to police, an object, “which is an explosive subject”.

After the cleared trains were fruitless searches, was warned by the police in Madrid, because of the suspicious suitcase and its owner was evidently on Board of a train in the direction of the Spanish capital, a spokesman reported. In Madrid, the police set up a containment area around a platform of Atocha station. At the Arrival of the train, the entire Luggage was found on Board, searched and, finally, the grenade-shaped belt buckle.

+++ 12.40 PM: Stumble man is run over at the train station in Bavaria by train and killed +++

In Pfronten in the Allgäu region, has recorded a run-in of train a on the track to Stumble stricken man and fatal injuries inflicted. The man stood up during Retraction of the train from a Bank and in the direction of the railcar ran away, informed the police in Kempten. He was on the right side of the abbremse the train and had sustained the fatal injuries. The police now wants to check whether the Killed state, possibly under the influence of alcohol. The train driver suffered a shock and had to be treated.

+++ 12.35 PM: passengers mutiny against the evil of acting-smelling cargo +++

Smelly cargo in Indonesia, a mutiny of the aircraft pass. A machine of the company, Sriwijaya Air could only lift off with one hour delay from the airport Bengkulu on Sumatra to Jakarta, because the passengers refused to fly in the smelly plane. Guilt is a charge of more than two tons of the smelly fruit famous exotic Durian-fruit on Board.

Durian is a Southeast Asian gourmets extremely popular and is there because of her creamy flesh, and their blue cheese-esque taste to as the “Queen of fruits”. Their opponents compare their penetrating odor with the fumes of sewage, vomit or unwashed socks. In several Asian countries, the consumption of Durian in Public places is prohibited due to odour nuisance.

“Durian is not considered as dangerous goods on Board an aircraft,” Sriwijaya Air spokesman Abdul Rahim made on Tuesday evening in the TV station Kompas TV. The cargo have stunk in this special case is particularly strong, because it was exceptionally hot. The crew have tried, the smell through the Sprinkle of coffee powder to hold on to the charge. In view of the resistance of the passengers, the fruits had to be discharged, finally, the plane took off an hour late.

+++ 12.20 PM: reports: bomb threat in the hospital in the French Dunkirk +++

Because of a bomb threat in the French port town of Dunkirk, according to the media, a hospital report has been cordoned off. A woman was threatened there, to detonate a bomb, according to the newspaper “La Voix du Nord,” writes. The entire hospital is no longer the complex accessible.

Numerous emergency responders, including firefighters, police and military, were on site. The Situation, according to the newspaper “France bleu” but under control. A confirmation by the police for the use it was initially.

+++ 11.58 PM: security adviser: terrorist attacks on world Cup in Russia +++

prevents On the FIFA world Cup in Russia, in the summer, according to Russian Sicherheitsbuthorities terrorist attacks planned. But, thanks to the cooperation with foreign colleagues prevented, said Russia’s security adviser, Nikolai Patrushev on Tuesday, according to a report by the Russian news Agency Ria Novosti. He referred to the world Cup in his country as “a remarkable example of successful international cooperation in this area”.

the chief of The domestic secret service FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, said terrorists had planned to foreign Fans with a drone attack. Seven groups with corresponding intentions have been determined. Such Attempts have not, however, only during the world Cup, but also in other major events in Russia.

+++ 11.24 PM: Kramp-Karrenbauer: don’t campaign against other +++

CDU General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer will lead to no election to the party presidency against any other candidate. Rather, it wants to make an offer several possibilities of how the future of the party after the Era of Angela Merkel next to go, said Kramp-Karrenbauer in Berlin.

apart from Merkel, by saying that they could not put a Era go on and on, you can’t make it undo. “Each time has its challenges.” The successor was always on the shoulders of the predecessors. What matters is what you make New and Better.

Also, you want to add value to the party in balance of power to the government. In the past few years, it was too often the case that the government decided, and the CDU had accepted that in hindsight, with or without resistance, said Kramp-Karrenbauer on Wednesday in Berlin at the presentation of their candidacy. “We need to reverse the process.” The determination of the position must first take place in the party. Then the group could bring to this Position in the government to act.

Kramp-Karrenbauer has been nominated by her the Saarland Association as a candidate for the CDU presidency.

+++ 10.38 PM: Seehofer does not appear before the home Affairs Committee +++

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) is not appeared, despite equivalent claims, especially the Opposition, before the interior Committee of the Bundestag. A performance was planned later, it was out of the body shortly after the beginning of the meeting. A request for a quote Seehofer formally before the Committee, found no majority. Greens, Left and FDP, had demanded an explanation of the circumstances of the dismissal of the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maaßen. Seehofer, had transferred Maaßen on Monday in temporary retirement.

the Background of a speech Maaßens in front of the international secret-service employees, the Share of the SPD’s radical left-wing tendencies, and accused himself as a critic of a “naive and left, foreigners and security policy” had referred to was.

+++ 10.29 PM: Nato moves to large-scale maneuvers in Norway, the positive conclusion +++

The biggest Nato maneuvers since the end of the Cold war was, according to the military leadership of the Alliance a success. “We have learned a lot,” said the responsible U.S. Admiral James G. Foggo at the end of the Exercise in Norway. Fortunately, there have been no accidents in which soldiers seriously injured. The Norwegian General staff praised chief Haakon Bruun-Hanssen, the troops were enthusiastically. This and the hard work had contributed to the success of the maneuver.

On the field phase of the Nato Exercise “Trident Juncture” have participated in the past two weeks, around 50,000 soldiers from the 29 Nato countries and partner countries Finland and Sweden. The German army was of more than 8000 soldiers in Norway and, thus, the second-largest number of troops after the United States. Including support troops outside of Norway, around 10,000 German soldiers were even involved.

+++ 9.47 PM: the SPD-health expert Lauterbach calls for free school meals +++

The SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach has called for school Lunches free of charge. “We need free school costs for all children so that all children can benefit from it,” said Lauterbach, the “image”-newspaper. This is true especially for children from weak families. The policy of the Federal food Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU) in this area he called a “Show”.

The Standards of the German nutrition society (DGE) must also be for all schools is mandatory and is called Lauterbach. It’s not rich, “when the Minister pronounces only a recommendation”.

to come on Tuesday presented a DGE study was the result that healthier school Lunches could be, and often are already prepared for four cents. The German municipalities have to Fund the issue of school meals, therefore, up to 1.2 billion euros per year. Klöckner announced that her Ministry would support the municipalities in the future, even more, for school meals in a healthy quality.

+++ 9.09 am: circles: Merz wants to propose to the Secretary General until after election success +++

Ex-Union parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz does not want to move in with a staff proposal for a General Secretary in the election for the successor to CDU leader Angela Merkel. To a question Merz have declared on Tuesday evening in a meeting of the North Rhine-Westphalian CDU-home Association, he will submit such a proposal, if he had been elected at the party Congress at the beginning of December in Hamburg. The German press Agency learned on Wednesday from groups of Participants.

Minister of health, Jens Spahn, who also hails from North Rhine-Westphalia, said in the meeting, therefore, reserved to the Secretary-General question. He had not completed his thinking in this point. Merkel had announced recently their retreat.

From groups of Participants, it was more that it had become at the meeting, no preference for one of the two present candidates. Prime Minister and CDU land chief Armin have received Laschet applause when he said that the NRW-CDU will not be set in the candidate question.

+++ 8.50 PM: Hermann does not want to Seehofer as Minister of the interior to follow +++

Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann is not the successor of the Federal government wants to be interior Minister Horst Seehofer (both CSU), if this gives up the office. “I applied again to a state mandate, and the voters in my voting circle Erlangen, Germany have given me this mandate,” said Herrmann to the Newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND). “I feel it’s my duty.”

Herrmann had been in 2017, the top candidate of the CSU for the election to the Bundestag. Seehofer, for his long Festhaltens to the now ousted the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maaßen, as well as because of the allegation of repeated cross-shots in the Grand coalition in the criticism. Herrmann is always mentioned as a possible successor. So far, Seehofer has no willingness to recognize his government office.

+++ 8.34 PM: Klingbeil wants to be proposed to workers a break, by “base income year” + + +

SPD-Secretary-General Lars klingbeil, enable employees a break by a “base income year”. This would give back to workers “time for things that do not create you in addition to the work,” said Klingbeil “time online”. He argued for a model in which each employee would acquire in each year entitled to a paid break of one month.

“After six years, you could expose half a year, and after twelve years of a whole year,” said Klingbeil. “The employees would get in this time, every month thousands of Euro net. The health insurance should take over the state, taxes were not.

for A General basic income klingbeil rejected. “I’m convinced that work has a Central value of”, the SPD Secretary-General is convinced. Work, pens, identity, self-esteem and hold together the society. Therefore, a basic income year is linked to the fact that someone’s work.

+++ 8.21 PM: Minister: 79 kidnapped students in the North-West of Cameroon + + + exempt

The 79 in the North-West of Cameroon kidnapped students are free again. “All of the 79 students are exempt,” said communications Minister Issa Bakary Tchiroma, the AFP news Agency, without details about the exact circumstances of the liberation. The students were kidnapped on Monday in the English-speaking part of the African country.

+++ 7.37 PM: the Fifth death toll following the collapse of several houses in Marseille salvaged +++

In Marseille, the number of dead has risen after the collapse of several houses on five. The rescue workers recovered another body from the rubble as a state Prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux to the AFP news Agency said. On Tuesday already, the bodies of two men and two women had been found.

The houses in the vicinity of the Old port of Marseille had collapsed on Monday in succession. The authorities assumed that five to eight people were buried under the rubble. There was hardly any hope to find Survivors.

Due to the poor state of many buildings in the South of France, Marseille outrage over the authorities. Local residents reported massive problems with the fabric of the building. The municipal authorities saw the accident, however, in a possible connection with the heavy rain of the past days.

+++ 6.47 PM: Meeting of Pompeo and North Korean negotiators in New York +++

postponed A planned Meeting between US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo with North Korea’s chief negotiator Kim Yong Chol in New York, is postponed. The U.S. state Department was informed of the night in Washington, the Meeting, which had originally been planned for this week, will be rescheduled, if the schedules of both sides allow this. More detailed reasons for the cancellation, the spokesperson of the Ministry is not called. The talks went further, she said.


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