The CDU politician Patrick Sensburg keeps monitoring the AfD by the protection of the Constitution is necessary. The recommendations of the expert changed nothing, which the party advises to refrain from terms like “Domination” and “Umvolkung”, in order to avoid secret service observation, said Sensburg, the Handelsblatt.

“the AfD wants to exchange concepts, shows that she now wants to deceive you about their true content, only to escape observation,” said Sensburg. “If you would be serious, would disconnecting the AfD from the anti-constitutional content and radical right-wing followers.” Since you don’t do this but, it is “especially important” that the protection of the Constitution observe the AfD.

especially after the incidents in Chemnitz at the end of August, the Cries began to increase after an observation of the party through the domestic secret service. The AfD was involved in protests following the violent death of a man that resulted in part in extreme-right violence. The AfD-tip began in September, a working group that should deal with the issue of the protection of the Constitution. Her party leader, Jörg Meuthen belongs to, and is managed by the German Bundestag Roland Hartwig.

As of the Research network of the NDR, WDRund the süddeutsche Zeitung Hartwig of the party recommends, among other things, to renounce “extremist buzzwords” such as “Umvolkung”, “Alienation” or “Volkstod”. The stoking of Fears of the consequences of mass immigration will be interpreted as “an expression of xenophobia, and thus with the Constitution or the rule of law,” therefore, in a summary of the report of Hartwig, which is the Search network.

On Monday to Meuthen, to Express Co-party leader Alexander Gauland and Hartwig at a press conference in Berlin on the topic. Many AfD members, the increasing pressure of the party leadership against the right edge makes for resentment. In a “Stuttgart’s call to” defend members against “Thought and speech prohibitions”.


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