distribution boxes of Deutsche Telekom in future play a role in the Development of electric mobility in Germany.

The Bonn group in Bonn and Darmstadt the first public charging stations in operation, in which the distribution boxes for the Internet and for phone calls as an intermediate station used to be. This use of existing infrastructure, save additional constructions in the city, said the Telecom. The charging stations can be located up to ten meters from the distribution box.

However, you should bring along time: one hour, reported power only for a range of 50 to 75 kilometers, depending on the type of vehicle. Cheap the thing is, A charging session is, no matter how empty the battery will cost € 7.89. How many cabinets can be modified for the additional function, is not known, the Telekom did not want to say this, because this is from the output of the approval process. Such approvals are necessary since the boxes are on urban ground. It is clear, however, that the Expansion to nationwide.

local politicians are likely to see the project positively. Thus, Darmstadt’s Lord mayor Jochen Partsch was pleased: The commissioning of the three junction boxes-load facilities in Darmstadt, Germany, was “another important milestone for the development of the digital model of the city,” said the green politician.

in Addition to the gray boxes, Deutsche Telekom relies on Fast-charging stations that are newly built. Prior to their Bonn Headquarters, the company not only took a distribution box-power station in operation, but also a Quick-loader. Within three months, 100 such stations are to be connected to the grid in three years it will be 500. In ten minutes, the batteries will be charged according to the figures, so that the E-vehicle is about 100 km far. Cost: 14,49 Euro per loading session.



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