it’s not a SUV, it will not be bought. So the customers tick, so every gap is filled with a SUV. With a length of 4.11 meters, the new Crossover from VW is anything other than an off-road COP. With a starting price of 17.975 euros, he squeezes in between VW Polo and T-Roc.

Cooler than the Polo

“Volkswagen can also cool,” at the world premiere of the new Small SUV. The T-Cross is the smallest SUV in the VW range. About T-Roc, Tiguan and Touareg, the T rank-Roc is the first VW SUV in the B Segment. “We come late, but correct,” says Andreas Krüger, series head of the VW T-Cross. The wolf burgers were never the Fastest, in the past, this tactic has not harmed, however. And currently, the small boom truck-SUV, which will cut off the T-Roc is a piece of.

“We believe that we will have a high conquest rate,” Andreas Krüger confident. The VW T-Cross will compete against models like the Opel Mokka, Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur. But he is, of course, remove also the Polo customers. Surprisingly, not only is this: Like his twin brother Seat Arona, there is also the T-Cross, no AWD.

Basically, the T-Cross is little more than a higher-mounted Polo, it is based on the same platform and has many of the same ingredients under the hood. But he offers a lot more space, which is not only due to the greater length, the “More” in height allows for a different arrangement of the seats in the interior. The result: The car interior is significantly larger, especially the seats in the second row benefit.

Grown interior

the rear bench is 15 inches displaceable, has a T-Cross with 385 to 1281 liters of capacity with a very spacious trunk. The T-Cross is 4,11 meters long and 1.56 meters high, 54 mm more in length, but all the 112 mm more in height than the Polo. The H-point (hip point) is shifted about ten centimeters. So, the small T-Cross offers the coveted high Seating position and better view, the promises to the customer from the SUV.

if you like, you can equip the T-Cross with a wide range of assistance systems and a high-quality Infotainment. This drives up the base price in the height. The customers can choose the T-Cross consisting of five equipment lines: Trendline, Comfortline, Highline, design line or the sporty R-Line. There are twelve paint finishes and various designs, with optional 3D-Patterns to loosen up the interior a bit. The wheels of the small cars, Cross-overs are 16 to 18 inches tall and as motors of the 1.0 TSI with 95 PS and 115 PS and 1.5 TSI with 150 HP. There are, of course, also a Diesel, the 1.6 TDI with 95 HP.

It is expensive

The basic equipment Trendline, however, acts quite poor, the small engine is also equipped with a more modern Five-speed gearbox. Most customers will, therefore, leave the entry-level price of 17.975 euros behind.

the Compact SUV VW T-Roc – this SUV stands out on the Golf

This SUV based on the VW Golf is a best-seller. Hardly more expensive than the boring Golf, the T-Roc impresses with the fresh Design and the coveted high Seating position.

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