After the airing of the documentary, parents, school and therapy applications in children’s and youth clinic in Gelsenkirchen has received the Prosecutor of the food investigation against the clinic. It accuses the establishment of the abuse of minor and in response to the indication of a doctor. “It’s about the actions shown in the Film,” said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office to eat.

In the children’s and youth clinic in Gelsenkirchen, among other things, psycho-somatic ill children to be treated. The October-released, two-hour cinema film school for parents provides insights into their treatment in the Department of pediatric psychosomatic medicine. Be shown around children, suffering from massive eating and sleep disorders. To see desperate parents, to have the trouble to leave your child alone.

Some of the in-clinic applied treatment methods were discussed then, controversial. The pediatrician and book author Herbert Renz-Polster said that in the establishment of children forcibly behave in a certain way forced on, you would be forced to eat. The complaint against the clinic, he described as “brave and correct”.

Massive criticism of methods of therapy

are Also exposed to the view of the German child protection Federation (THIS) contains the Film’s numerous scenes in which children of psychological and physical violence. “In the Film shown in the methods of treatment can not be a model for the education of children in Germany,” said the childhood and family researcher and THIS-Vice-President Sabine Andresen in a statement. These practices led to insecurity of parents in dealing with their children.

child protection Association President Heinz Hilgers said: “the behaviour of parents towards their children so as the hospital staff in the movie, then this is unlawful.”

Since the airing of the film, about 22,000 people have signed an online petition is not required to show the Film – neither in the cinema nor on television, nor the Internet.

“Unauthorized charges against the clinic”

The clinic has rejected the allegations as “baseless”. There in the clinic, no violence, the clinical methods did not correspond to the current state of research and the Standards of medical science, it said in a in the past week, published opinion. The behavior therapeutic program based on the recommendations and guidelines from recognized professional societies, such as the German society for child and adolescent medicine. “The display we see as an opportunity to refute the unauthorized charges against the clinic legally,” said the management.

Annually are treated in the Department of pediatric psychosomatic medicine the children’s hospital of Gelsenkirchen, about 150 children and their parents.


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