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read Who’s writing the perfect pop song, may be for a period of eight years. Robin Carlsson has done it: a few weeks ago, a new piece of your solo project, Robyn appeared, marked it at the same time, the first pronounced sign of life of the songwriter, singer and producer from Stockholm, since November 2010. The Song with the title Missing U only need a broken synth chord, Robyns unique falsetto voice and a bit of drums thunder, and after 45 seconds the first of his four choruses arrive. Actually, the eight silent years, but before that, a tension that dissolves, so to great effect, like nothing before in their effect career.

Who is listening to Missing U, wish to immediately install a rain machine in your own living room, a Top Gun Remake turn in the garden of his parents or the basement of the nearest neighbors to the disco for verheulte, dancing the night away to expand. The main thing is that, no matter what. To miss slightly: Missing U is so beautiful like a swallow of Arjen Robben, and so polterig as a speech by Anton Hofreiter, but no mere activism with a lot of noise, and the rowing arms. It’s a pretty clever Song, a two-pronged approach in two ways.

First of all, Robyn sings about the death of a friend and the end of a long, meanwhile, rescued relationship. This is already heart breaking enough, but it becomes even more serious, that you might as well have sung from the perspective of your Fans about yourself and your many years of absence. At the height of personal fame and career, Robyn decided in the said November, 2010, so as not to waste your Thirties in style. The decade of life, usually career and Family course, she spent with nights and days in the Club, a thorough Sleep, as well as three to four therapy sessions per week.

Missing U is also a piece that followed the Teachings of that algorithm, the knights of iron, with which Robyn since the early zero years, no longer want to work. Every movement seems to be along the ruler-drawn, each Element of the stopwatch timing. Spotify and co. could not imagine the song of your dreams hymnal. And also some minor rule breaks manage to Robyn, the Song house. Strange awkwardly you phrased your vocals in the second verse, a strange double-tracked, he sounds to the chorus – which appears in the last three minutes of the piece, by the way.

All of this makes Missing U to a very good pop song. Perfect he is by the context in the Robyn with their new Album, Honey embeds. Missing U opened this Album and has at the same time, in the wrong direction. On a relatively quiet and playful plate is the only piece that continues to the straight dance-pop with Robyn before their long break for the international Star had ascended. It builds a bridge – like so many of the important bridges in the history of pop music to Nothing. So it led to confusion and solves again. Pop needs to get the first time.


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