Mrs. Rohrer, lawsuits against the pharmaceutical group Bayer. A global company generates an annual turnover of around 35 billion euros. The magnitude of prepares you not to Worry?

of Course, the process is distressing to me. But so far, I have never regretted my action for a moment. I would like to try it at least, and, not least, I want justice. Bayer was supposed to appear in court to answer questions. You are to me, but also other women guilty of, who can no longer go to court. It was because they were disabled due to the pill intake, or have died. Such a large group has to bear for its products, responsibility. Therefore, there must be a process and a judgment.

What are you accusing Bayer specifically?

Bayer has been associated with the anti-baby pills of the Yasmin family, Yasmin, Yasminelle and Yaz, drugs on the market, which are due to the hormone drospirenone unreasonably dangerous. With drospirenone, the pills have a twice as high risk of thrombosis than pills of the older Generation. This higher risk of thrombosis but was not mentioned in the leaflet. After eight months of pill taking, I have developed a thrombosis, and a double-sided fulminant pulmonary embolism. I had a respiratory and cardiac arrest and could only be due to a emergency surgery that saved.

the pills of the third and fourth Generation are often prescribed, despite the known risks. How do you explain that?

blood clot in the leg you should be over the thrombosis to know Of Ilona Kriesl

Bayer drospirenone-containing contraceptive applied pills: By you you could hold his weight, they would also skin and hair improve. They gave away mirrors, pill boxes with make up and tried so, young women under 30 years of age to target. The pills for first-time users are in this age group particularly dangerous. Unfortunately, the opinion is that new drugs are better and safer. This is not the case of the anti-baby pills. You only need to prevent, and the make older drugs with a lower risk of thrombosis as well. The alleged addition of the newer generations have a higher risk of disease benefit. The but do not want to see a lot of prescribing women doctors.

One could also argue that Many women take the pill without problems. Side effects are therefore the exception.

of Course there are people who say: ‘you are only individual cases.’ In my opinion, every illness, every death is a case of a too much. The pill is not a life-sustaining drug for which it is worth to take such adverse effects – on the contrary, they will be taken from healthy young women. On the market there are pills of the second Generation, the prevention of just as good and significantly less thrombosis cause. Since the number of unreported cases is, in my view, quite high. I keep getting e-Mails from parents who write, they would be the death of her daughter, only now with the pill. Anywhere in the world, there are Concerned. In the United States to the 9000 women, the indemnified Bayer is already out-of-court with just under two billion dollars. In many European countries, lawsuits against Bayer are pending. To speak of individual cases, is false, and perfidious.

What memories have you of the 11. In July 2009, the day that you were taken to the University hospital of Freiburg?

Felicitas Rohrer against Bayer armed anti-baby pill “Yasminelle” the court advises was not a comparison, DPA,

Me it is already since some weeks: I got bad air, was constantly exhausted and woke up at night with shortness of breath. I was even in the hospital and Doctors, but none of them has interpreted the symptoms correctly. On the Morning of the 11. July I’m still with my boyfriend to Freiburg hazards. There, I had a language test for German-French journalism degree. In the Uni arrived, I was suddenly dizzy, I collapsed and fainted. When I came to myself again, I had terrible pain throughout the torso and is believed to smother. The ambulance took me to the hospital, where I was a respiratory arrest and then cardiac arrest had. You have me to defibrillate her, but my heart has still not re-started. From this point on, I was clinically dead.

The Doctors were able to save her yet.

Yes, the Doctors opened up my chest, through the sternum separated. So you had a clear view on my lungs. Then they came for the wings with a kind of tweezers, the blood clots out of my lungs. Meanwhile, a doctor was solely responsible to massage my heart, and pumps. So he stopped my blood circulation to be maintained. This idea I find even today a scary.

The Doctors told her parents that she had due to the Severity of the disease, only a chance of Survival of less than three percent. Nevertheless, they woke up from the coma, even without measurable brain damage. What permanent damage have they suffered?

Directly after the surgery, I was connected to a heart-lung machine, because my body could no longer function independently. The first time I was ventilated so artificially and fed. When I awoke from the coma, my body was on the ground. I had to sit once more have the strength to chew and run. I had to be washed – up with 25 years ago! The confidence in my body was gone, he felt like a kind of foreign body. In addition, I also still have a insane fear of death. This panic arises in me: I escaped death just by the shovel – what time is he coming to get me? I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, have lymphedema in one leg, had numerous scars on torso, and has to take anticoagulant drugs.

risk of venous thromboembolism when taking hormonal contraceptives, combined with the Estrogen Ethinylestradiol (source: Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices, 2014)Contained a progestin estimated cases per 10,000 women, and AnwendungsjahrZum comparison: non-pregnant, the no pill nehmen2Levonorgestrel5 to 7Norgestimat5 to 7Norethisteron5 to 7Gestoden9 to 12Desogestrel9 to 12Drospirenon9 to 12Etonogestrel6 to 12Norelgestromin6 to 12ChlormadinonacetatNoch to confirm/further studies should be carried out dienogest yet to confirm/further studies should be carried out nomegestrol acetate is still to confirm/further studies be carried out

you make the pill Yasminelle of the active substance drospirenone your disease Managerh. What makes you so sure that the pill has triggered the pulmonary embolism?

I had at the time of the taking no known risk factors. I’m not a smoker, not overweight, athletic and had no previous Operation. I was also in front of it for 25 years, healthy, never had complaints or diseases. So, I’ve listened to any risk group.

Why have you decided on the action?

FAQ anti-baby pills and ingredients answers to the important questions about pill risk

I think in small steps: The attention should be on the topic of directed. At some point, I hope the public pressure is so great that Bayer must take the pill from the market. And of course, I also hope legally it’s a success. I would like to see a court judgment, and thus justice. Even if this cannot mitigate what is for me or others.

could not clarify A medical expert in court the cause of the health problems clearly. The competent district court of Waldshut-Tiengen in Baden-Württemberg has issued a recommendation: A comparison or an out-of-court settlement would be the best solution, otherwise, the process might take years. What do you think of the proposal?

My attorney and I are not ruling out this proposal. The lawyer of Bayer, has spoken out clearly against it, because he sees no basis for it. What is, in my opinion, of course, ridiculous, because there would be no basis for my claims, would not have been accepted my suit. There is not a still ongoing process and it would not come now already for the second oral hearing. The end of the year, the court will decide how it goes.

editors ‘ note:

The star has the chemical and pharmaceutical group Bayer asked to relate the main statements of the interview. Bayer has, in writing, responded and confirmed that on 18. October 2018 before the district court of Waldshut-Tiengen has been a hearing in the procedure Rohrer, against Bayer Vital GmbH. In the process it damages and “pain and suffering” claims, writes the company. “The basis of the applicant’s claim that she had suffered due to the intake of the combined oral contraceptive pill Yasminelle with the progestin drospirenone, a pulmonary embolism is.” Bayer refers to Use of the opinion on the positive-to-risk profile of oral contraceptives such as Yasminelle in case of intended taking. We are convinced that in the product information “adequately informed of the risks of Yasminelle was informed”.

it Continues: “In the hearing dealt with the question of whether the pulmonary embolism was caused by the intake of Yasminelle. The court-appointed expert has explained the expert opinions and is addressed to questions of the court and the parties. A final assessment of the question of the causes is context by the court’s assessment of the result of the taking of evidence. This is now to be seen. In this respect, we ask for your understanding that we do not want to tire the final assessment by the court in advance and to take a position on the further steps for the time being.

Bayer has a great compassion for the fate of Mrs. Rohrer, and with patients who use our products and serious health complaints, reports – regardless of their causes.”


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