There are many ways to make “disciples”: creams, facelift, Botox and a lot of plastic surgery. Less painful of a Change in the birth certificate would be. And who wants to reach Emile Ratelband from the Netherlands court. The 69-year-old would like to make by a court order 20 years younger, reports the newspaper “De Telegraaf”. In the Netherlands, as a motivational speaker well-known Senior feel because of his age discriminated against.

Ratelband is a change of opinion: “You can update your name, you can change your gender. Why not be your age?”. The “Telegraaf” he said: “When I’m 69 years old, I live with many limitations. When I’m 49, I can buy a house, I can drive a different car. When I say on Tinder that I’m 69 years old, I get no response. If I was 49 – with the face I have now – I would be in a good Position.” In addition, he could find easier a surrogate mother, said Ratelband, because he can imagine, to be once more a father.

judges are skeptical

A medical reason for a judicial rejuvenation of the sprightly pensioner has also, and his good health. Studies have shown that its biological age was 45 years. In his own words Emile Ratelband was a “young God”.

According to the newspaper “Algemeen Dagblad” had the judge, however, sceptical that the descendants of Emile Ratelbands desire. Because the law of the Netherlands allow no legal Change in the age. The next four weeks should be negotiated Ratelbands case before the court in Arnhem.

Netherlands passport photo-only without the pasta strainer on the head – spaghetti monster-disciple process loses

A pasta sieve can be a head covering. But it is also a religious accessory? Wanted to enforce a Dutch follower of the satirical spaghetti monster-Church. In vain.

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