It was a system of horror that the victims did not have a clue. You had to face with your back to a wall, the top was down over the course of the end of the bar. In this benchmark, a two-centimeter-wide slot, which was a Opening to a next room was. With the measuring rod, a support for a silenced pistol was connected in the next room.

The support could be tailored to the size of the Person on the other side of the wall is adjusted in such a way that the gun barrel was exactly in the height of the Neck. The detainee was ordered to put your back to the wall. He had been told it was a medical examination. If he stood quietly, pulled the trigger of a SS-man and shot a bullet directly into the back of the Neck. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The allegation is: accessory to murder in several hundred cases,

the infamous, specifically the murder of prisoners built a neck shot system worked in the concentration camp Strutthof. The victims were prisoners – Jews, poles, Soviet prisoners of war and many others. The bearing in the vicinity of Danzig went through between 1939 and 1945, about 120,000 prisoners. A good half, about 65,000 were murdered or died from the terrible conditions of imprisonment. Virtually all of the 50,000 Jewish prisoners were killed.

Almost 74 years after the camp was liberated by the Red army, is now in Münster, a man before the court, the public Prosecutor’s office in Dortmund accused to have here as an overseer in at least several hundreds of cases of aid to the murder. The crucial question is: Did he know anything of the murder of prisoners? The defendant says: no. The prosecution says: Yes.

94 years before the youth chamber

the man from The district of Borken is now 94 years old, needs to answer but, nevertheless, before the Big youth chamber of the regional court of Münster, because he was suspected at the time of a teenager. As the newspaper “The world” reported, is the defendant, Dr. Johann R. He had been employed by the landscape architect, and earlier as a civil servant in NRW. In bearing him to his comrades, “Bubi”.

The case is the last trial against a former concentration camp might be the overseer, because most of the possible perpetrators are all deceased. And if there is still among the Living, is always the question of whether they are still fit to stand trial – if they track them at all.

After sensational trials against guards of Auschwitz and Sobibor in the past few years, investigators are now flocking to the less well-known chapters of the national socialist extermination machinery: On Tuesday (6. November) begins before the regional court of Münster, the SS-guard “Bubi”, and thus, another piece of late legal processing.

Originally, the now defendant, a second, today, 93-year-old man from Wuppertal. However, in the case of him testing the hearing ability is still running. Also, the defendant is competent to stand trial – but it is sufficient according to the view of a verifier but, to put it before the court. The process is on 13 days of trial to 10. January terminated.

Cruel murder of hundreds of people

According to the indictment, the Central location in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for the processing of Nazi mass crimes of the Prosecutor’s office of Dortmund, knew the defendant, the from 7. June 1942 until 1. In September 1944, the last in the rank of SS-storm man, in the bearing was used, of the crimes against the prisoners. To the assassination were due to the use of Zyklon B by more than 100 Polish prisoners on the 21. 22. June, 1944, and at least 77 wounded Soviet prisoners of war were murdered in the same way.

Also have Gas between August 1944 and the end of the year, several hundred Jewish prisoners in the concentration camp’s own gas chamber, as well as in carriages, because the capacity of the gasification plant is not enough. The prisoners selected had been playing, you would be driven to work.

Many other prisoners died, because the living conditions were kept in the camp, the SS deliberately so bad that many died of exhaustion, Hunger, or diseases such as typhus and typhoid fever. In addition to the hundreds of Victims who were killed in the neck, shot between early June 1944 and late April 1945, murdered by SS Doctors from 1942 until the end of 1944, in the hospital grounds for more than 140 prisoners, most of whom are Jewish women and children were. They were killed by the injection of gasoline, and Phenol directly into the heart.

Prosecutor: The accused knew of the killings in the camp

The public Prosecutor’s office accuses the defendants of all the killing methods had been aware. He had been aware of the fact that they have been applied in a wide variety of people, and that in this way, and this regularity is only killed if the victims were guarded by agents like him. Thus, the defendant would have his guard service activity, the killings of hundreds of camp inmates by the actual main perpetrators deliberately encouraged. The person had given, to actually have service in Strutthof had. Of the killings, he wants to have, however, noticed nothing. The state Prosecutor Andreas Brendel, who has worked for many years with Nazi crimes is not decreasing, but.

it can occur after so long a time to such a charge, is a judgment of the Federal court from the year 2016. Before the regional court in Lüneburg had ruled that the “Auschwitz bookkeeper” Oskar Groening, to imprisonment for a term of four years. Groening had pushed the service in the extermination camp of Auschwitz, was, however, not been involved directly in the murder of detainees. Nevertheless, he was convicted of accessory to murder in 300,000 cases. As the Federal court of justice confirmed the judgment, it meant a shift in a decades-long practice, had criticized many historians, lawyers and victims ‘ descendants.

a model of the indictment is the case of Oskar Gröning

Because until then, every Suspect had to be demonstrated a specific involvement in a murder. This practice went back to the regional court of Frankfurt. It was decided in the Auschwitz trials in the sixties, that the destruction happened in Auschwitz could not be used as a single fact, a rating. Each Suspect had to be shown that he had been right on murders. This was not, in most cases, what was already on the long period of time since the alleged acts.

the court had been expressly against the recommendation of the legendary General Prosecutor and Nazi-hunter, Fritz Bauer. By this decision it was possible that over the decades, thousands of former, came into the Store as the overseers used the SS-men with impunity – and not because of aid to murder were charged. The now accused former concentration camp guard can no longer rely on this scheme.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit 280 billion Euro compensation: Greece’s German reparation payments concentration camp murder


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