tears of Blood: Strange symptoms brought Italians (52) in the emergency room of a hospital


tears of a clear body of liquid. They usually consist of nothing other than water, salt and various proteins. Even more scary is the medical phenomenon that befell a 52-year-old Italian, He suddenly began to bleed from both eyes. The blood flowed from his eyes and ran across the cheeks. After a few minutes, the nightmare ended.

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The bleeding no fight had gone ahead. A man was injured neither on the eyes nor the nose. The 52-Year-old went off in an Italian hospital, to go to the cause of his Suffering. Shortly before arrival at the hospital, the blood began to flow again. This Time around one hour.

Blood in their eyes – what initially sounds like a scene out of a horror movie, it is actually a recognized medical phenomenon. It bears the name “Haemolacria”. However, this is so rare that it is hardly known. The team of Doctors to Alessandra Di Maria and Fausto Famà dedicated to the patients, therefore, a case report in a recognized journal “The New England Journal of Medicine”. There is also a photo of the man to see.

Why was bleeding, the man from the eyes?

The team of Doctors examined the patients. Although the man claimed to be suffering from hypertension, his blood pressure is normal. His view was not restricted. And even otherwise, the Doctors could find no abnormalities to him – apart from the blood in his eyes. But where does this come from?

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The medic studied the eyelids. There they were, finally found it: Under both eyelids so-called blood-infested sponges. These are benign tumors. They consist of a collection of vein tissue and are usually harmless.

the Doctors in the journal, Haemolacria can be due to many different causes triggered, including inflammation, infections, injuries, or vessels, as in the case of the Italian Patient – by tumors of the blood.

The 52-year-old man had a blessing in disguise: For the treatment of blood sponges, he received eye drops containing the active ingredient Timolol prescribed. A year later, he had a follow-up visit and reported that he had bleeding since then, never again.



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