When Donald Trump questioned his government is sometimes in doubt, the US President verbally. The experience of his political comrade-in-arms regularly, but also journalists. One of them is Jim Acosta is, he is the chief White house correspondent for the US broadcaster CNN.

Acosta’s Wikipedia entry includes two main Headings. Under the first, its quite a respectable “media career” is drawn. Under the second, “President trump’s press conferences,” on the Acosta in the rule is present – and often powerful plug in.

The Youngest perhaps deserved its own Wikipedia entry.

trump’s attacks seem to seems to be at its base caught

It is, as Jim Acosta had become the target of Donald Trump; the personalized “Fake News”-the enemy image of the US President. On Wednesday reached the Trumps of personal campaign that has lasted now for almost two years, his height – or low point. Trump called Acosta a “enemy of the people”, because he was working for CNN, berated him as a “terrible, outrageous Person” and ironed his (After-)questions. Now he was even deprived of their accreditation, be press access to the White house.

The scene you see here:

It is not the first Time that Acosta gets to feel the concentrated rage and toxicity of Trump. Not least, the deserts, attacks the US President on CNN in General and, Jim Acosta, in Particular, have led to the Reporter, in the case of trump’s campaign events booed, shouted down and berated.

The scene you see here:


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