Who’s ever been to a Nude beach, it’s a familiar phenomenon: If everyone is naked, it becomes a matter of course, and Breasts and genitals find not a great deal of attention. In the Show, “Adam seeks eve” would have to be similarly, all the participants are unclothed. However, in the case of Gina-Lisa Lohfink, this was nevertheless different: her enormous inflated Breasts made for some conversation.

This was mainly due to the 28-year-old student Martin, the rail of the Trash-TV icon to be quite fond of. Above all, he had seen such big Breasts, apparently, never. “Gina-Lisa has Breasts made of silicone, is it?” he asked his competitors Emanuele at Breakfast. Finally, the Chemnitzer asked the 32-Year-old directly. Mitchell made such directness nothing and delivered even Details, after which the would not have dared to hold the end of Martin’s questions: “The even name: Tiffany and Taffany.”


Gina-Lisa Lohfink shocked at the “Adam seeks eve” with a story about a Not-OP

MG RTL D Gina-Lisa Lohfinks Breasts provide a talking TV criticism “eve to Adam addiction” To much the stem as the “extremely homemade” Gina-Lisa your Naked sailor frightened

The open-ended response encourages Martin to further questions. Now he wants to know if you’ve done the magnification hurt. The answer: Apparently the pain was bearable, after all you haven’t paid attention to it so wanted and so on.

The conversation ripples as harm as trivial, but then it suddenly becomes serious. Martin is not in the theme loose, and Mitchell grabs a dramatic story: you have had an Emergency surgery, “because I almost died.” The reason is a congenital heart defect. During the breast enlargement is ripped out your artery, that’s why you need the heart surgery.

The subsequent Silence dubbed Gina-Lisa with a Laugh. Emanuel praises you for your cheerful attitude: “Cool, after a near-death experience.” Martin seems to have meanwhile, in the prominent Hessin crush. It is not excluded that Gina-Lisa is leaving the Show to third: With Tiffany, Taffany, and Martin.



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