The laurier-rose is without a doubt the king of the mediterranean gardens that it gratifies its flowering unbroken white, pink, purple, yellow, single or double, from may to October. For the past ten years, the succession of mild winters promotes its rise towards the north, until in the gardens and terraces of the Isle of France, as it supports the culture in the trays. But did you know that this beautiful shrub has a few deaths on the conscience?

To the war as in war! In 1808, during the grim war with Spain, and twelve French soldiers were severely intoxicated after having used the twigs of oleander to cook the meat on skewers. Eight of them would be dead. It tells of similar accidents in Northern Africa and Corsica.

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The Laurel-rose, who is, in reality, neither a laurel nor a rose, is a shrub native to the lands of the mediterranean. It belongs to the family of the periwinkle, and contains, like it, in all its parts, of the alkaloids are very toxic, especially by ingestion.

The symptoms of poisoning are not without reminding us of some of the effects of cyanide, as found, as is well known, in the molars hollow of the spies.

The laurier-rose is one of the plants that gardeners know need to be wary of. It figure prominently in their catalog imaged of “Broths of eleven hours.” If care is not taken, it is a fatal beauty.


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