Ecology, quality of life and economic strength – these three fields can be attractive cities breaking down. Sufficiently green, a good water supply for the environmental aspect, modernity, good road access and digitisation are critical areas for the quality of life of a city. And economically, a city needs to thrive, so that the inhabitants have prosperity. The planning – and consultancy company Arcadis wanted to know more and has been awarded with the “Sustainable Cities Index, in 2018, the” international cities, which are situated in these areas already. A total of 100 cities were examined, as the scale for the assessment of the objectives of the UN’s sustainable city have been consulted in the development.

the Ranking of London is Headed. Here, the experts fulfilled the criteria the best. Behind Stockholm, Edinburgh and Singapore. With Vienna and Zurich in the squares behind the first German-speaking cities. Of the 20 cities, four from Germany, were, overall, the Ranking of European cities is dominated.



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