From the year 2020 to give the Chinese government give each citizen a points account. The value of the lives higher, depending on the model of the Individual in the sense of the Communist party. Dishonest behavior will be punished.

deductions there are, for example, for a traffic violation or late payment of invoices. With donations or volunteer work, the account can fill up. Who has enough points, as in the case of bonus programs benefits: for example, He can travel with the faster trains, the kids get to better schools, or there is a preferential treatment in the hospital. Currently pilot projects are running in 40 Chinese cities.

“God knows it’s not looming in Germany, but you can see how important it is that we discuss social implications of technological developments,” said Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier a few months ago. A contribution to this discussion will now provide the expert Council for consumer protection (SVRV) with a 288-page report.

the Federal Ministry of justice experts warn a body before, that in this country for commercial reasons, not political – more and more frequently, data from different spheres of life gathered together and, ultimately, with bonuses and Malussen for each Individual are linked. The mountains, the risk of errors and discrimination.

Who lives in a healthy, pay less

Scoring Algorithms to decide in this country already who buy on the Internet on the account and who is allowed to order only on payment in advance. Also, the conditions of the sick and car insurance can change depending on your personal Score.

The experts made the presentation of your opinion clear that you are opposed to the principle of Scoring. These procedures citizens that pay their credit is always back on time and no accidents to build protected, finally, to high costs.

“But we have to ask ourselves, in view of the many new opportunities through the digitisation of more than ever, what are the innovations we want as a society and which are not,” said the President of the Council of Lucia Reisch. Not everything what works as a business model, is desirable. On the part of the economy there is a large interest in Scoring more and more features to include.

In the health area, this could include, for example, information from the electronic patient file. Especially insurance companies would see it as a large business potential. “Who lives healthy, could get for example a more favorable disability insurance offered”, the report says.

Who has a lot of points in Flensburg, rejects Monitoring

The report looks at, in addition to the Wishes of the economy and the wishes of the citizens. And here it can be shown that such offers will not fail once due to a lack of demand. According to one of the experts commissioned survey has nothing, after all, up to a third of the people in Germany on the other hand, if, for example, a Score on the driving performance in the context of Car insurance, with a health core health insurance. This is “justice,” replied the supporter, at least, as long as they personally benefit from it.

The survey showed in order for a phenomenon to watch when Super-Score in China. There are many Educated, belong to middle – or even upper-class, the Instrument for life assessment good; uneducated Chinese of the matter is distrust. And also in Germany, the acceptance of the assessment depends on the systems of the own life situation. People who are already athletic, are in favour of bonus programs, as they offer health insurance already.

it looks Similar in the Car insurance: Who has already a lot of points in Flensburg, rejects the automatic Monitoring of the driving style. Specifically, it was asked by the German Council of economic experts, who has something against it, that the speed limit will automatically be forwarded to the police. 28 percent of respondents thought it was a good idea – many of them were on a bike, or took public transport.

dubious health reviews

Crucial to a fair assessment of the high Score quality, there is a lack from the point of view of the experts in Germany. All too often features were included in the assessment, which have to do with the outward represented the goal of the Scores. Generally speaking, a Score will help a behavior to predict, such as whether a consumer rates the loan on time pays. Also, the behavior is to be controlled, how this applies to the bonus programs of health insurance. Especially the Latter are criticised in the report.

“It is problematic if a health core solid health comes in harmful behavior such as Smoking only, low weight,” said Gerd Gigerenzer from the Harding center for Risk literacy, and one of the authors of the report. Of the 45 other bonus programs, there were only eight programs points for non-Smoking. In contrast, customers would be rewarded too often for activities, their health benefits are not proven.

the Council of experts is one of the many checkups. Ultimately, had shown in discussions with companies that, with the help of such bonus programmes is less the health and the well-being of the customers, rather than customers, and other insurance sold to be tied up.

reviews will need to be transparent

criticism of the German Council of economic experts expressed not only in the selection of a Score-relevant characteristics, but also on the used data quality. Even the high-quality Scoring methods will deliver incorrect results if the input were data deficient, said the study. So could be out of date in the area of Automotive telematics, the card material, or it can come to errors when a GPS Signal or when Transferring data.

In the case of the credit rating, the correct assignment of the data to each of the persons belong to the problems. As a consequence, the German Council of economic experts sees less to the legislator, rather, the control of the Scoring had to be strengthened-systems. “If the supervisor would be staffed and technically equipped better, you would have to change the law nothing,” said co-author Gert Wagner from the Max-Planck-Institute for educational research and DIW Berlin.

Basically, he made it clear that an assessment will then be accepted if it is transparent. He recalled that Scoring was not a phenomenon of the digital world. Among the oldest Scores grades in school; also weight classes in the Sport, and the points in Flensburg are nothing more than the assignment of a value to a people to make decisions: the relocation of the school, the field of opponents when playing sports or driving licence.


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