the Flowers, the fruits, the vegetables: in late summer, the harvest in full swing in the four corners of the garden. Apples and pears in the orchard, tomatoes, zucchini, beans in the vegetable garden, dahlias and cosmos in the flower beds: September is indeed the month of abundance, a period of the blessed, where the gardener harvest, before the arrival of the first cold, the fruit of long months of patience and effort. It is also the ideal time to put on the clothes of the reaper by taking on the dried stalks, the seeds that produce the future harvest. There is plenty of choice!

Beside flowering plants, the long seeds ruffled silk carnations to India, are to point. Just like the other Compound (recently renamed Asteraceae) that color so liberally borders and flowerbeds: marigolds, cosmos, and coréopsis. Enjoy that it is still hot to pick them up and put them away in an envelope and keep it in a dry room, and temperate. They retain all their germination when you sow the next spring.

Harvest of seeds the ripe poppy Seeds. 16862932/HLPhoto –

Trapped in large capsules round, brown seeds and a flat of hollyhocks are also ripe for the picking. Same thing for those of lavatères that are collected at the base of the flowers have faded. The first being biannual you will, however, interest to sow them immediately in a bowl if you want to see them bloom next season, because of these wonderful Malvaceae, whose huge flower stalks sometimes reach a height of several meters, are in need of cold to it.

Next to perennials, peonies, after they have flowered in may, feature in this time of large pods filled with beautiful seeds of red or black that you can sow now but that does not blossom not before… several years. If you don’t cut off their faded flowers, daylilies and iris you gratifieront a beautiful harvest of seeds blondes, to sow without delay, also there to facilitate their germination.

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If you arrive too late for the poppies, know that the seeds escaped from their capsules to be empty, rise up spontaneously in the spring of next year like les ancolies or bourraches so prolific that they sometimes become invasive. You will then have to thin these seedlings to keep the plants the most beautiful or the best located on the inside of the floor.

in The vegetable garden, it is easy to collect their own seed to salad. Ditto for most of the Umbelliferae (or Apiaceae) such as coriander, fennel or dill. Just leave it to mount one or more plants to flower, pick the whole stems when the seeds are formed and left to dry for 2 to 3 weeks before storing it in an envelope or a paper bag. Don’t forget to note the name of the plant and variety and the harvest year because the germination capacity of seeds decreases with time (the retention period varies between 0 and 6 years depending on the species).

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Seeds of carrots. John Tann CC-license

The feet of green beans that you have selected, of which the pods are usually picked immature, should stay in place until their complete drying, in the manner of varieties to shelling. Finally, the plants bisuannelles such as carrot, leek, beet, or swiss chard, which need cold to bloom, produce seed the following year, after having spent the winter outside.

The “vegetable fruits” such as tomatoes and squash are abundant providers of seeds, which he must nevertheless take care of to harvest at maturity. This requires sacrificing a foot of zucchini, leaving the fruit to reach a considerable size at the expense of flowering and thus the formation of young zucchini edible. The tomato seeds need to soak for 48 hours in a tumbler to get rid of their waste gelatin, and then washed with water through a colander and put to dry. Pascal Antigny, collector of tomatoes, place in a coffee filter as it suspends a thread such as linen. Effective!

Cruel disappointments

Practice millennium, the production of its own seed is fraught with certain limitations. The seeds that are harvested can come from a cross with pollen from a plant belonging to another variety. What can cause beautiful surprises (flowers of another color), or of cruel disappointments (the fruit inedible). To guarantee the result, the solution is in the spring to wrap around the bouquets of flowers from a paper bag or cloth to prevent the bees or the wind to pollinate the flowers with pollen “foreign” and thus force the plant to autoféconder with its own pollen. Second stumbling block, some varieties are F1 hybrids, which lose their characteristics to the next generation. We will thus avoid sowing the seeds that they produce.

well, except to pour it into the lyssenkisme and deny the laws of biology, it is wrong to believe, as one reads and hears everywhere, that these “seeds house” will, ipso facto, of the plants best adapted to the soil and climate of your garden. The inheritance of acquired characteristics is a myth that has the hard life! Only a long and patient process of natural selection (or driven by man) can claim to lead to such an outcome.

appointments that you have garden to do (mostly) not to be missed

• 8-9 September: 31st event, floral and horticultural “folly of herbs”, the park of the Grand Blottereau, Nantes (Loire-Atlantique).

• 8-9 September: 20th festival of the tomato, and flavors, Château de la Bourdaisière, Montlouis-sur-Loire (Indre-et-Loire).

• 9 September: 13th festival of the tomato and vegetables, Haverskerque, Nord.

• 15-16 September: 15th-feast of the plants and the garden “Flowers in the Seine” on the theme of Madagascar, Les Mureaux (Yvelines).

• 15-16 September: 41st festival of the amateur gardener, place du Palais omnisport,Thiais (Val-de-Marne).

• Up to 16 September: Exhibition “Jean Cotelle (1646-1708), of gardens and of the gods”, Château de Versailles (Yvelines).

Domaine de Saint Jean de Beauregard

• 21-22 and September 23: the Fête des plantes d’automne of Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard (Essonne) on the theme of “plants unusual”.

• Until September 28: 6th edition of the competition “Gardens of expression”. 39 gardens to discover in the vegetable garden of the parc de Pignerolle in Angers and Saint-Barthélemy d’anjou (Maine-et-Loire).

• 29-30 September: 11th festival of plants “Between courtyards and gardens”, Cité Plantagenet, from Le Mans.

• 29-30 September: 2nd edition of the event “open Gardens in the Île-de-France”, organized by the Region of Île-de-France around the theme of the garden.

• 29-30 September: Fête des plantes, chateau du Pin, Champtocé-sur-Loire (Maine-et-Loire).Conference on the vegetables to 16 hours.

• 29 September-7 October: open house fall at Vacherot & Lecoufle, creator and breeder of orchids, from Tuesday to Sunday, Boissy-Saint-Léger (Val-de-Marne).

• 7 October: the 11th edition of the “secret Gardens”, the manor of Pouldouran, brittany.

• 7-8 October: open Doors, nursery Hortiflor Bureau, specializing in the aromatic and the vegetables, Savennières (Maine-et-Loire). Free entry.

• 16-17 October: scientific Symposium on bio-aggressors of boxwood (moth, diseases), University of Tours (Indre-et-Loire). Registration:

• 19-20, and October 21: Days of the plants of fall of Chantilly (Oise).

• 20-21 October: 29th days of the plants of autumn, arboretum of the Sédelle, Crozant (Creuse).

• 20-21 October: 12th feast of vegetation and the nature “Flor’fall”, Yvignac-la-Tour (Côtes-d’armor)

• Up to 21 October: 18th Festival of Gardens, “the Cited Plant of Luc Schuiten” at the Saline royale, Arc-et-Senans (Doubs).

• Up to 21 October: 9th festival “Art, cities & landscape”, Hortillonnages Amiens (Somme).

• oct 27-28: the 29th Hortomnales, cucurbits, in all their states, the priory of Saint-Rémy-la-Varenne (Maine-et-Loire).

• Up to 4 November: 27th international festival of gardens, on the theme “Gardens of the mind”, the domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire (Loir-et-Cher).

• 29 November: 1st day of the actors of plant genetic resources of cultivated species and wild relatives, Paris. Registration before 30 September.


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