Type 1: The choleric

Gratuitous outburst overtake your boss at irregular intervals, to points completely unpredictable time. To be a victim of this choleric seizures, unfortunately, no fun at all and you want nothing more than to back and yell. Understandable, but not a good idea. You prefer to do the opposite: breathe deeply and keep calm. So you take the screaming of the Wind out of the sails.

it Should not be endure, you will leave the room with the remark that you will now be too much. Nevertheless, the Problem needs to be addressed at some point: best for a quiet conversation among four eyes. If then nothing changes, get support – for example, by the works Council.

type 2: The flag in the Wind

Flexible Work interprets her boss in his very own way: “Today, tomorrow” is his Motto, a clear message, he rarely makes, and if that is not reliable. With a Trick you can protect yourself against such a change of mood. Even if it is more work: important work instructions in writing. Summarize, for example, meetings and agreements in an E-Mail to your boss. Even if he doesn’t respond, you then have at least a document with the date to which you can refer in case of doubt.

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In everyday work is not always everything-corrosive, it comes to us only when we are annoyed to leave the Store. What helps: Write down each day three things that you have been looking forward to this day. Your presentation was great? Write it down! Your boss has praised you, even if it was only for a moment? Write it down! They were able to help colleagues? Write it down! All want to have the feeling to be needed and to be able to something. Who’s daily life reflects these moments in the work, takes the Job of the Etching factor. At least a little bit.

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type 3: The control freak

Sometimes you wonder why your boss hired you at all, because he checked each of your steps, doesn’t seem to trust them, and anyway prefer to do everything themselves. Instead of responding defiantly to his behavior, be ahead of your Manager, just one step. You give him unsolicited Updates to their work and inform about part a result of their projects – in order to prove to him that he can rely on you.

type 4: The only plate

no Matter whether justified or not, criticism of your work, the Manager should not come in front of everybody around the corner. Nevertheless, He sits at the longer lever. In the Meeting in front of colleagues, you can do nothing else, than to accept criticism. In connection you should seek the personal conversation with the chief and him, see how you feel by his behavior, and that the public criticism on their performance and recognition in the Team could impact.

type 5: The idea of a thief

they had this great idea of the your project is crucial and the competition will take the Wind out of the sails. The praise of the bosses have you already enjoyed, now, on to the other members, if you know in the Meeting. But then the boss sold the idea as his own. And You? Watch dumb and want to losschreien. You’d better not. They seek instead a personal conversation with your supervisor. They attack him, not directly, but emphasise that they were also involved in the concept. Your boss is decorated more often with their feathers, don’t ask him to be better offensively, why is he mentioned in the presentation of the concepts.

Career These ten tips to accelerate your career type 6: The Ignorant

you never get Feedback from the boss and often wonder whether he takes the success. You talk to him! You don’t whine in the conversation, otherwise the impression could arise, they would be dependent and would have to be praised for every step you do this alone. To remember instead, that you can better set priorities, if you can get from the boss feedback to the Work with which he is particularly satisfied.

which has quirks no Matter, your boss, basically:

• Take the whims of the Chefs personally.

• Returns a Problem again and again, is a conversation with the boss is inevitable. Describe the Problem, they signal a need for Change.

• the problem with your boss is really still a normal office life, or already bullying? If bosses bully their employees, it’s called Bossing. You are looking for, in any case, the aid of the works Council or a consultation.

• to master Nicely, if you are ready to problems with your boss. You can, however, not everything is like – at some point the limit is reached. Then it is better to look for a new place to look around or move.


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