It is Tuesday morning. Veronika is sitting at the cash register of a well-known supermarket chain, in the works for more than two years. It acknowledges shelves, taking care of cleanliness in a shop, advises, and collects customer. “Good Morning,“ she says kindly to a customer who comes frequently in the market – this is not responding. She repeated her greeting a little louder: “Good Morning.“ The customer looks at you sullen and produces a stoffeliges “Tomorrow“. “But,“ thinks the woman. You experienced, unfortunately, more frequently, reported: “in the Meantime, I know my Pappenheimer and welcome the customers for so long, until you bring me a greeting.“

people with phone or headphones are harmless

courtesy and respect Veronika. However, these points are no longer, unfortunately, in the case of each customer on the agenda, she says. “As fast as the customers come in the Store, you want to leave this again. Your fellow humans are mostly matter – the cashier.“ Customers who make calls in the Cash in or the headphones not on your ears, during the payment process, are the least of the Evils. It would appear that customers try to checkout to buck the line. Some people invent excuses to get faster to the top of the queue. Then sentences like “you could be going for more cash to“ or “won’t this Go faster?“. A Situation is the Cash in your mind: “I had time to close a Fund to go to the toilet. I apologized to the customer who wanted to do and got replies, why I could not place a bucket under the cash register – I was speechless!“

Interview, relationship dramas, and chicken wings, A supermarket cashier grabs: The tell you shopping about you By Malte Mans customers who make needless work

what many customers do and what the supermarket employees need to see, reports Veronika: “Often customers think think about on the way to the cashier about the contents of your shopping cart. If you don’t want to buy a product, bring it back, never there, where you have brought it originally. There’s some cheese in between the biscuits lands, the chocolate in the freezer, or the meat in vegetables“. Once Veronica had mentioned a customer who placed a product somewhere. This was angry and said to her that she was rude and they finally get paid, it back on the shelf to bring back. “The customer does not forget, unfortunately, that we have throughout the day time – we have to collect fast and friendly“ she says with a Smile.

Positive experiences, there are also

“but There are also really heart of all the dearest customer,“ told Veronica. “Children who have already painted pictures, Christmas give to us customers, homemade cookies or in between a pound of coffee as a thank you for the kindness“.

note from the editors: To protect the employee, we have used an anonymous name.



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