The former Argentinian Boxer, Mario Melo passed away last Sunday. The 56-Year-old took part in a Croissant-competition, when he suddenly collapsed under lack of air. The event took place in Pinamar, in the vicinity of the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. The participants should eat as many Croissants in a Minute as they could. The competition was broadcast live on television.

Melo devoured just his third Croissant, when he suddenly collapsed. As the Argentine daily “La Nacion” reported, had tried to be a fireman and a doctor to remove a piece of the pastry from his neck. His sister later told, you’ve seen your brother have to air a struggle, but you would have thought it a joke. Shortly thereafter, paramedics arrived and brought Melo in the Pinamar hospital. He died there finally, a little later, as a spokesman for the hospital confirmed.

Mario Melo suffered from Diabetes

Whether the Boxer is, however, smothered in fact, the Croissant, is still unclear. According to local media Melo sugar was to report sick. The authorities now want to clarify whether there is a blockage of the breathing has caused ways or the Diabetes to his death.

The highlight of his career Melo in 1990. At the time of the Boxer won the world title in the heavyweight division after he beat the American Michael Moorer in the first round knockout. Thus he earned the nickname “blow”. After his spectacular victory, he had to lay low plug it in. The Brazilian heavyweight boxer Adilson Rodrigues couldn’t keep Melo. Only in April 2017, a Comeback for him. The Argentinian was once again the champion of the world. However, the success did not last long. A year later, he had to give in to the US-American Tony Tubbs beat.

His career ended Melo finally, in 1998, with a balance-sheet of 21:9 Victories.



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