That there is a connection between age, loneliness and dementia, and knowledge of researchers for several years. Now, scientists at Florida State University in a large-scale long-term study deepens these insights. Over ten years, around 12,000 people were interviewed for over 50 years, on a regular basis. Up to the publication in the “Journal of Gerontology” sick of 1104 participants in a Form of dementia. The researchers were able to determine a significant relationship between loneliness and disease incidence: In the case of persons who felt lonely increased the risk of dementia cancer by 40 percent, regardless of gender, ethnicity or level of education. “We are not the first researchers to show that loneliness is associated with an increased risk of Dementia,” said Angelina Sutin of the Florida State University to the “Daily Mail”. “However, this is by far the largest sample, with a long viewing period. And the group was more diverse.”

winter trip to Finland, The son is a photographer, the father is demented. This is the trip of a lifetime

the last Time you break a joint trip to: Hauke Dressler and be a dementia father. Your destination is a cabin in the Finnish Wilderness – the place where they spent many summers, as a the was a still a child and the other a young adventurer.

loneliness and dementia: when individuals feel alone?

the Team Sutin investigated the phenomenon of loneliness in more detail. They found out that there are people who are withdrawn and with little social contacts of life – but not feel lonely. In return, there were persons living in families and a lot of social contact but still isolated and unintentionally felt. “There is a feeling that people do not feel that they fit in their social environment or are not part of,” said Angelina Sutin. “From the outside it looks as if they have large social commitment, but the subjective feeling is that they are part of the group.”

Early dementia Who drinks a lot, increases the risk of dementia significantly AFP

Regularly publish researchers worldwide to studies and research on the relation between loneliness and dementia. Doctors suspect that to be alone promotes spiritual decay. Why this is happening, however, you can’t show yet – so far there are only theories.

The German Alzheimer society has published a guide, with the Alone life, and the loneliness with dementia busy.



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