He has been a cult product in Aldi North and Aldi South: the Thermomix clone. Every year in October to cheer their Fans and also customers, who are assumed to be in the last years, when he again, just in time for Halloween (31. October 2018) is on the shelves.

Thermomix clone Ambiano soon at Aldi – but not cheap, I have

Finally, it is no wonder he is so popular – it costs only a fraction of the original price. So if one flakes for a “real” Thermomix, the Vorwerk already rich 1.199 Euro for the Aldi-equivalent with the name Ambiano in contrast, only about 229 euros. But if you look closely, it is striking that Even the cheap counterpart has become over the years more and more expensive. So it used to pay for around 199 euros.

you can find here the best Alternatives to Thermomix.

Aldi-kitchen machine: Overview of the functions

Chip Online, the kitchen machine, the No-Name-brand Ambiano to offer at Aldi Süd is now even better features. Including a Wi-Fi function, an own App for Android and iOS. The warranty period is three years. Additional accessories included:

Garkorb steamer attachment scrambled eggs set recipe book DVDEin unusual Thermomix-Test:

The Hype around the product, nevertheless, seems unbroken. However, as with many cult-objects of the discounter, it is here: it pays to be Quick – the sale at Aldi Nord will start on Monday, the 22. October. At Aldi Süd, he is 25. October will be available.

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fails due to this Problem Therefore, there are at Aldi and only a little action goods

However, there is often only a very limited number of products. So it can happen that they are sold out within only a few minutes. Three years ago, to have beaten even to the last kitchen machine at walmart. As a result, the discounters should have ordered exceptionally, a action article.

Therefore, it is best, early in the morning when the stores open, in front of the door waiting.

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so the question that arises, of course: But why Aldi offers only so few pieces? The reason for this is that the Action was to attract customers not only in the branches – focus on the “food stand still for a small price” of the discount stores. So, if a customer is already in Aldi, will he be tempted on the way to the checkout still more Goods to buy.

Aldi, Lidl and co. will soon Get competition? A new Discounter want to open 100 stores.

Thermomix equivalent of Lidl: when is the next model?

Interesting: Lidl jumped up on the kitchen machines-Trend and offers its own Version under the name of Monsieur Cuisine Connect. This came for the first time a year ago in the stores and was sold out in no time.

But n EW devices are to follow on request from Chip Online at Lidl in the spring of 2019.

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