“‘Please, huffing and puffing. If you come for the first time. Tell me about it.’

I sit across from the people and say this exactly. Again and again. It is difficult for many to be rich all of a sudden. I must be gentle.

Because it is a fine thing to be a millionaire. But it also presents major questions: How is it now? With me, the life, the money? We are looking for the answer. And not only in Advisory, but with a Cup of coffee. Or two. So many of coffee it is you want.

To Thomas Köhler Rainer Holmer, Born in 1969, is since the age of 17 profit consultant at Lotto in Bayern. He studied German and history to become a teacher Рthen he got the Job in the happiness business, and remained.

The new millionaires have mostly spoken with anyone about your winning, before you come to my office in the Munich Headquarters. I’ll give you the win, of course, is not a safe, but by Bank Transfer.

On Friday, it is perhaps time again, then the Euro jackpot. He has not been cracked in the past draws 90 million. This year there were in Bavaria alone, 21 new millionaires through various offers of Lotto. Last year there were 13 in all of this, the only win a few hundred thousand. The almost all to me. I have been through with these people much, all the emotions. This is the most Exciting thing about this profession.

As of the craftsmen of middle Franconia. His operation was on the verge of Bankruptcy. He had borrowed money. Soon, he would have had to have the cards on the table, would have had to say to his employees: “The business goes on, we are completely bankrupt.” Then the lottery ticket. It was like being in a fairy tale. How happy was. After our conversation, I was elated in the canteen: ‘Jep! Yes! Wonderful!’

coffee drink, no paternalism

There was also this Professor. He had played for years with the same combination of numbers. His sons had him laughing already. ‘If in ten or in a hundred years, I’m going to win’, he had said to them. He then won.

There is also this man who said very quietly, came over, and only one sentence was: ‘I’d leave you my millions when my wife is healthy again.’ There was no rescue for you. He took the money in the end anyway.

If you are a millionaire, then I advise you one, without the need to patronize you: you Say it is not so many. Post the not somewhere. You can enjoy the beautiful. I say this also to my winners, when coffee. If you tell anybody, then maybe tomorrow, what piece of the millions of wants. Money is something very Intimate, you can tell, as soon as you have it.

money isn’t everything

When you arrive in my office, many are of the Belief that they had a crush on. ‘It can’t happen any more, your profit is already requested, congratulations,’ I say. If you have to leave my office, I hear nothing more from the people. Whether the money has made you really happy?

I’ve never heard of the contrary, but the history of Lotto Lothar in Germany, Yes. A man who received social assistance, as he cracked the Jackpot. With the millions in the pocket he gambled away his life. This is something I’ve experienced in my 17 years – fortunately.

once a winner called me back later. She stood just on the market and said: ‘Oh, you know, Mr. Holmer, with all the money I didn’t notice that I need everything I wanted to buy me with money.’

Me has never offered someone of his profit. I should already accept nothing, our authority is the state. And I’m always a person who give something to others. Jealous I’m never. I had in my life, often lucky, I can make. The phases in which it did not work with me, not pulled down me life, they taught me a lot.

moments, you can’t buy

for example, I was once very sick. And there were some moments in which important people in my environment died. The were times I asked myself: Why hampele I, actually around on this world? What makes me happy again?

Hermann Hesse once said: ‘happiness is love, nothing else. Who can love is happy.’ You can now say, this is a calendar award. But for me, it is more. If I have one learned in all the moments in which I with Foreign your luck discussed, and during the good and bad days in my life, then it is this: money alone does not happy, of course not.

the Real happiness that you can’t even make it for a penny. This is in the evening, sitting with friends at the Isar, in the summer. Luck, Munich, the Starnberger see, or Hamburg, I like this cosmopolitan city. Luck, the Vienna, good food, architectural madness.

Secret lucky numbers

At the end of my life I want to feel like a crystal clear mountain Lake looks like: no waves, all is quiet. Nothing more, what still needs to be done. A feeling that is not buy with money. To get this, you have to go other ways.

which is not to say that I would not take the Million if I win. I games even Lotto, with a combination of numbers that I worked out with friends in Peru. We sat at the campfire, everyone said his lucky number. It is, of course, a secret.

If I win, I know exactly how my life would change. I would buy a piece of land. At a lake in Bavaria. Where it is not crowded really is. My girlfriend would be, she said.

I would not build a Villa on this lake, but a tree house. This is my dream. I have googled many times, the lake house, house in the tree, without tourism, loneliness.”

Video: lottery-winner – Once-a-millionaire and back (MIRROR TV 2007)



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