Anonymous has released American with a small letter of thanks in the case of Facebook, she was stirred by what happened to your daughter in the school bus. The discrete was a willingness of a teenager, she has moved. A gesture, which happened with such a matter of course that the girl’s mother thought it was important to say thank you for that – unknown to her mother, who has raised this boy. The Posting from the group “Gurgaon Moms” also spread in other social media channels, including Reddit. It is a positive message about the youth, which is otherwise criticized so often for your recklessness and ignorance.

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“My daughter got her period today on a bus ride home,” the mother begins her letter of thanks. “A about a year older Boy, she doesn’t know really, took you to the side and whispered in her ear that she had a stain on the back of your pants.” He handed the girl his Sweatshirt, in order for it to bind the Jumper around the waist, and the stain to cover. While the girl responded a little embarrassed and said that was okay so was the Boy as a “professional”. He insisted that she accepted his offer to spare her any embarrassment on the way home. “I have sisters, it’s all right,” he said to the girl.

thanks to the mother of the boy

That Teenagers deal so, of course, and unabashedly with such a Situation, is rather unusual. The mother sees this as an education power, and thanks, therefore, not with the boy, but his mother. “If you are the mother of this boy, I would like to say thank you and tell you that you educate him properly!!”, she writes. “We hear so many bad things about the youth of today that I want to share something Positive! 😊”

was The letter of thanks viral. In the comments at Reddit Lincia11 writes “Very chivalrous of the young. Good!” and RRI16 with responded: “The best brothers are always there for your sisters.” In the commentary of cowsniffer it is self-reflective: “Always when I read such stories, I have the feeling that the Kids today are more attentive than we are. As a child, I would not have noticed the probably once, let alone knew what to do in a Situation like this.”


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